Waterloo Records

Waterloo Records

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I haven’t been in an actual record store in many, many years. MP3 and iTunes Music Store has all but shut down a majority of these once popular gems of our culture. Waterloo Records, backed by the Austinites that love it, maintains this tradition but also maintains to stay relevant in the digital lifestyle we’ve all grown accustomed to.

The staff knows their music and always willing to help you find “that one song by that one band with the xylophone in it.” Vintage rock and movie posters line the walls, music from all genres, DVD’s and books, music-themed accessories (like a bag shaped like an 80’s boombox), and of course the last shining treasure of music history: LP’s.

The right half of the store is dedicated to vinyl where you can find new releases and rare/unique treasures you are doubtful to find anywhere else in Texas, possibly in the country. You can also sell your used CDs/Vinyl/DVD’s here for a little more than you can get at some of the chain stores.

I only went in to see another piece of Austin culture, and ended up walking out with curse word refrigerator magnets and two posters: a Ralph Steadman Alice in Wonderland print and The Dude from The Big Lebowski done in the style of the Obama “Hope” poster.

Waterloo Records is located on North Lamar and 6th street. For more information visit their website or Facebook page, or just go visit!

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