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Hut’s Hamburgers

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Hut’s Hamburgers is an Austin institution on 6th street. There are many popular hamburger places in Austin that come and go, but Hut’s Hamburgers is still there serving up 20 different kinds of burgers. For my first outing I tried the Chili Cheddar burger (“The Tuby’s Tickler”), and because I was there on a Wednesday night I got a second burger for free!

Hut’s was originally founded in 1939 and changed locations until residing in its current spot in 1969. The business itself has changed hands a few times, but the food and atmosphere has always remained consistent. The walls are lined with neon, records, posters, and a mix of both vintage and current pop art. It feels like Austin when you walk in.

The service was excellent and very friendly. The group I was dining with makes a weekly visit so our server knew most of their orders by memory. After a brief interlude of cheddar cheese fries, my burger(s) arrived.

Hut’s offers a choice of four different kinds of meat for their burgers: buffalo, chicken, grassfed longhorn, or fat-free veggie burgers. Combine that with 20 different variations of burgers containing everything from chili to guacamole to mushroom sauce to all of the above, and you have yourself an unlimited supply of hamburger choices.

As I mentioned above, on Wednesday nights they do a 2-for-1 special where any hamburger you order, you get a second free (if that wasn’t already clear enough.) I could barely finish my first hamburger, let alone even touch the second but I took it home for lunch instead.

For more about Hut’s Hamburgers, visit their site or check out their Facebook page.

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