Hey Cupcake! on South Congress

Hey Cupcake!

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Before I moved to Austin, I had some very strong reservations about eating from “Food Trucks” or mobile kitchens that travel from place to place. In Houston and San Antonio, these are nicknamed “Roach Coaches” for a reason. In Austin, eating from a food truck is a local institution.

These aren’t your standard taco trucks; everything from mediterranean food to BBQ to desserts can be found on these rolling gourmet trucks around the city. Several are stationary at centralized locations like on South Congress or East 6th Street.

One of my favorites is called “Hey Cupcake!” and can be normally be found on South Congress across the street from Wahoo’s Fish Taco and Monkey See Monkey Do. When many of the other food trucks have closed shop or driven off for the evening, Hey Cupcake! is there long after.

There is something supremely satisfying after a night of binge drinking to finish it off with a giant cupcake served off a truck. Judging by the lines that form up outside the truck after 10pm, I’m not the only one that feels this way. The flavors run from vanilla to strawberry to many others, and you can even get a “cream filling” injection to make that already delicious cupcake heavenly.

For more information about Hey Cupcake! and to get a coupon for a free cupcake, visit their official website.

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